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The Company

NEIGHBOURHOOD-PLAN.CO.UK since 2013 has been our specialist Neighbourhood Planning arm providing planning support to Town and Parish Councils or Neighbourhood Forums across England to help them develop their own Neighbourhood Plan.


Our Specialisms

Helping Communities develop their ideas into a Neighbourhood Plan, including writing the Plan

Liaison with the Local Planning Authority, through to Public Examination and Referendum

Helping organise and run public consultation events

Producing background evidence and supporting documents


Neighbourhood Plans

We have worked on a range of Neighbourhood Plans across England, including ones which have successfully been 'made'. We are currently working on Neighbourhood Plans for a wide range of Town and Parish Councils for communities ranging is size from 300 residents up to 40,000 residents

·    Plans ‘made’ or pending their Referendum include: St Neots (Cambs); Calne (Wilts); Calverton (Notts); Papplewick (Notts); West Lavington (Wilts); Oaksey (Wilts); Huntingdon (Cambs) & Bury (Cambs)

·    Plans in preparation include Hilmarton (Wilts)


Standard Neighbourhood Plan Timetable

We have looked at the process of drawing up a neighbourhood plan, there are 12 main phases involving around 37 individual steps. Although this represents only a simplified overview of the main tasks, based principally on the steps where professional support would be given.


Executive Director – Anthony Northcote HNCert LA(P), Dip TP, PgDip URP, MA, FGS, ICIOB, MInstLM, MCMI, MRTPI


South View, 16 Hounsfield Way, Sutton on Trent, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 6PX

Tel – 01636 822528

Mobile – 07521 731789

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